Zine Experience

I love to join fanzines for the many different things I'm interested in! Below you can see all the different projects I'm involved in, and where they're at (organised from most recent to oldest). If you'd like to see some of the art I've drawn for zines, you can find them in my "Art Gallery" page!

If there's a project you'd like me to know about, please feel free to send me an email at lorindraws@gmail.com!

My experience from January 2023 to now.
Zine Position Status Notes
World Beyond the Veil (transmasc horror) Page Artist Creation Period ✦ N/A
Near Dawn (loz: twilight princess) Page Artist Creation Period ✦ N/A
Sky is the Limit: A TotK Zine (loz) Page Artist Pre-orders ✦ Place your order here!
Soaring Scales (the legend of zelda: dragons) Page Artist Finished! ✦ Free download here!
Sanguine Zine (vampires) Page Artist Production! ✦ N/A
The Quest of Our Lives (pjo yearbook) Page Artist Leftovers ✦ Get leftovers here (starting april 1st)!
Love at First Fright (monster boyfriends) Page Artist, Spot Artist Production! ✦ 345% funded on Kickstarter!
Hyrule Fashion Anthology (the legend of zelda) Page Artist Production! ✦ Digital bundle still available!
Fanart for Change (Hades Fashion Magazine) Page Artist Finished ✦ Raised $685.52 for Direct Relief disaster recovery!
Once Upon A Rainbow (lgbt fairytales) Page Artist, Spot Artist Leftovers ✦ Get leftovers here!
Seasons of the Valley (stardew valley) Page Artist Shipping ✦ N/A
Counting Sheep (hades: hypnos) Page Artist Finished ✦ Free download here!
Where the Tides Meet the Stars (mermay) Page Artist Leftovers ✦ Digital bundle still available!