This page contains information about my commissions including pricing, options, and my Terms of Service. My commissions are digital, and personal use only. Commissions are not first come first serve.


  • One Character
  • 3 Total Revisions*
  • High Resolution Artwork (PNG)
  • A Simple Background

*Extra revisions cost $15 CAD each.

Things I WILL draw

DnD characters, original characters, fan art (including fan-made characters), plants, insects, some animals

Things I WON'T draw

Portraits, full backgrounds, gore, physical commissions

If you have any questions or would like to commission me, please email me at, or DM me on social media!


If there's something you want that's not listed here, please feel free to contact me with the details and I'll get back to you when I'm able.

Icon Commission: $86 CAD

A character with horns and wings smiling mischeviously at the viewer.

Icon Commission Example

A character drawn from the bust up. Additional characters are $30 CAD each.

Half Body Commission: $106 CAD

Achilles holding Zagreus as he hugs him.

Half Body Commission Example

A character drawn from the waist/hips up. Additional characters are $30 CAD each (only one is included in the price).

Full Body Commission: $126 CAD

Tisiphone wearing a new outfit, posing for a photoshoot.

Full Body Commission Example

A full drawing of one character. Additional characters are $30 CAD each.


Terms of Service

Please read through this carefully; I will ask for written confirmation and agreement to these terms before accepting any commission.

Last updated: January 12th 2024


I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason. These are digital commissions; no physical artwork or items will be sent to you.


It may take up to 30 days to finish your commission. I will contact you at minimum once per week until completion for your input on the artwork. Each commission comes with a maximum of 3 revisions. I will charge you for extra revisions. I reserve the right to refuse extra revisions for any reason.


I will send an invoice shortly after I accept a commission. Half (50%) of the total commission price with be due up front before work is started on your commission; the other 50% will be due upon completion. You will recieve the finished file only after the the full commission price is paid.

Payments are non-refundable. I may choose to refund a payment if I feel I am unable to complete the work (for example: in case of sickness or injury).


I reserve the right to post commissions online, redistribute them, alter them, and use them in my portfolio (digital or physical). I retain full rights to the artwork. I do NOT hold rights to any characters (that I haven't personally created) or copyrighted imagery.

Commissions are personal use ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL USE IS PERMITTED.

You MAY:

  • Use the artwork for you own personal use (including posting it online, sharing it with your friends, and having it printed for display purposes).

You may NOT:

  • Reproduce or plagiarize the artwork (for example: tracing it and claiming the traced work to be your own).
  • Claim the artwork to be your own.
  • Alter the artwork without my consent.
  • Use the artwork commercially (including, but not limmited to: selling it or reproductions of it, using it to promote a business or other commercial venture).
  • Allow others to use the work commercially.
  • Mint the artwork as an NFT, or use it in any way that associates it with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or other similar ventures.
  • Use the artwork without my consent to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs, "feed" it to an AI database, or use it in any way that associates it with AI technology or other similar ventures.