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Lorin Parker

☘ Independent artist & lover of Little Creatures everywhere ☘

Hi, I'm Lorin! I'm a non-binary ADHDer (they/them or he/him) - I love playing games, drawing my favourite characters, and marvelling at the wonders of nature (usually sea creatures, sometimes bugs)!

You can find me on bluesky and tumblr, or email me at I also have a discord server for people who like my art, and you can DM me or email for an invite!

✦ This website is best viewed on desktop or with desktop mode enabled in your browser settings! I also use a bit of javascript to allow you to click to enlarge images ✦

Dev Log

  • November 11th 2023 - added a new header font, made columns format nice on mobile, and reworked my commissions page to look nicer!

  • November 7th 2023 - summary of the last month: added 2 new flower pixels to my garden, put stars on all the black bars (!), added more art to my galleries. Haven't had too much time to work on this website lately, but soon :3

  • October 1st 2023 - changed my site layout a bit, and fixed a couple bugs. I've been working on some other fun stuff, so hopefully it'll be ready for the next time i update!

  • September 20th 2023 - added some responsiveness for mobile & thin screens, minor bug fixes, updated zine table

  • September 6th 2023 - updated zine table, gave lists cute sprout gifs, minor updates to css

  • September 3rd 2023 - summary of a bunch of recent mini updates: Added a background image, added an unlinked "links" page for my social media bios, added a gallery to the zines page, minor layout & CSS changes, minor bug fixes

  • August 20th 2023 - Added a new feature to my Art Gallery!! Now you can click on an image to see a larger view of it! :3
    EDIT: i also made a couple small changes to text and fixed a couple lil bugs

  • August 19th 2023 - Updated my zine page. I've been working on new features for my gallery page too but it's been a long and frustrating process HJFGBKSDG SOON THOUGH

  • August 1st 2023 - Added a commissions page, updated all pages, removed dead links, added a plant pixel and a couple links

  • July 26th 2023 - Made the colours prettier, added Leon the lobster, added an art gallery, added image overlays, updated text on gallery page, replaced twitter link with ko-fi

  • May 12th 2023 - Added a marquee at the top, edited this scroll box, added secret korok easter egg, added a few links

  • May 11th 2023 (afternoon) - rewriting all the code to be more organised HFGBHJGB

  • May 11th 2023 (midnight) - added a sidenav thing but it looks dumb as hell

  • May 1st 2023 - trying to figure out basic page layouts